October 25, 2017 2017 OctoPRfest

January 20, 2018 Winter 2018 APR Prep Course

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More than 200 diverse public relations professionals are members of Central Iowa PRSA. Our members run the gamut from solo practitioners to heads of leading public relations organizations, from students to new graduates to seasoned, "done it all" veterans... but all are linked by a common interest in ongoing education and professional development to enhance our careers and capabilities.


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6 Tips on How to Identify and Generate Positive Stories
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Writing for the Web and Mobile Workshop: Presented by PRSA and Wylie Communications
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Cut Through the Clutter in PR: Increase coverage, sharing and more with tight, bright releases
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PRSA Statement on "Alternative Facts"

Truth is the foundation of all effective communications. By being truthful, we build and maintain trust with the media and our customers, clients and employees. As professional communicators, we take very seriously our responsibility to communicate with honesty and accuracy.
The Public Relations Society of America, the nation's largest communications association, sets the standard of ethical behavior for our 22,000 members through our Code of Ethics. Encouraging and perpetuating the use of alternative facts by a high-profile spokesperson reflects poorly on all communications professionals.
PRSA strongly objects to any effort to deliberately misrepresent information. Honest, ethical professionals never spin, mislead or alter facts. We applaud our colleagues and professional journalists who work hard to find and report the truth.

- Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA, Chair of the Society for 2017