Chapter History

Chapter History 

The Iowa Chapter of Public Relations Society of America was chartered April 5, 1968, as the 66th chapter in the society. The charter was presented on June 14, 1968, in Des Moines, by that year’s PRSA president, Edward P. VonderHoar, under the name Iowa Chapter. In December 2020, to better represent the chapter's membership, the name was changed from PRSA Central Iowa Chapter to PRSA Iowa Chapter.
The organization had begun in the fall of 1967, and the petition for a charter, dated March 15, 1968, was signed by these 10 prospective members: Gerald Bogan, Robert Bonomi, Robert Clark, Donald Dooley, Jean Dyar, Robert Eide, Robert Hoover, Kenneth McDougall, Walter Walsh and Thomas Wolff.
Soon after, additional signatures appended to the petition: David Chase, William Longman, Jean Jones and Norman Seligman, Deane Haerer, Douglas Johnson and Harold Rowe. All those named, except Seligman, made up the chapter’s charter membership of 16.
The first officers were Walsh, president; Dooley, vice-president; and Dyar, secretary-treasurer. They carried over through 1969. Walsh also served as assembly delegate from the beginning through 1971. In 1988, the name was officially changed to Central Iowa Chapter.
Steady growth in membership and in activities has marked the chapter’s history, and a rather high percentage of the membership has achieved accreditation.

Awards and Accolades

For its public service in serving as advisor and coordinator of public relations for “Iowa: 2000” in 1974, the chapter received a national award. In 1976, about half the membership was involved in a variety of Bicentennial activities. In 1988, many members participated in the Iowa Caucus Project for the Greater Des Moines Chamber of Commerce Federation.

The 21st Century
Supporting young professionals

Central Iowa Chapter has taken a particular interest in public relations education and the future of the profession. The chapter currently sponsors five PRSSA chapters at Iowa colleges: Drake University, Iowa State University, Simpson College. University of Iowa and University of Northern Iowa. 
Before the chapter was yet one year old Central Iowa hosted its first Institute, a day-long professional development conference devoted enhancing the profession by bringing together nationally recognized experts on public relations issues that our members face as professionals. Each year brings together new ideas and solutions to the constantly evolving practice of public relations.

Over the years, Institute has covered a vast array of topics and included renown individuals in the PR industry. 

The Institute Record
1969 – May 2, at the University of Iowa, in cooperation with the School of Journalism and College of Business Administration.
1970 – May 8, at the University of Iowa, as above. Theme: “Reality and Response”
1971 – May 7, at the University of Iowa.
1972 – April 21, at the University of Iowa. Theme: “Practical Public Relations”
1973 – May 1, at the Holiday Inn Downtown, Des Moines. Iowa Chapter was host to the spring meeting of the PRSA Delegate Assembly, held May 3 – 4 in tandem with the Institute. Theme (again): “Practical Public Relations”
1974 – April 19, at the Holiday Inn Downtown, Des Moines.
1975 – May 2, at the Sheraton Inn, Des Moines. Theme: “Public Relations in a Skeptical Society”
1976 – April 2, at the University of Iowa, in cooperation with the U of I School of Journalism. Theme: “Communications ’76 – Tackling Tomorrow’s Issues Today”
1977 – April 15, at the Ramada Inn West, Des Moines. Theme: “Ethics - An American Confidence Crisis”
1978 – October 6, at the Gateway Center Hotel, Ames. Theme: “Practical Solutions to Public Relations Problems”
1979 – October 24, Drake University, Des Moines, one of five co-sponsors. Theme: “Business/Media – Breaking Down the Barriers”
1980 – October 23, at Scheman Center, Iowa State University, Ames in cooperation with six other organizations and ISU. Theme: “Basic Principles and Processes”
1981 – October 14, University of Iowa, co-sponsored by Iowa Chapter, Quad-Cities Chapter and Iowa Manufacturers Association. Theme: What do They Really Want? The role of Internal Communications and Perception, Productivity, Profitability”
1983 – October 6, at Drake University, co-sponsored by Iowa Chapter, Quad-Cities Chapter. Theme: “Issues Management; Financial Communication; Public Interest Groups; Public Attitude Research”
1984 – October 18, Drake University. Topics: Ford Motor “Quality is Job One” Campaign; Propaganda in USA & USSR; Crisis Communication; Telling the AT&T Divestiture Story
1985 – October 23, Drake University. Topics: Phillips 66 Takeover Attempt by T. Boon Pickens; Cola Wars – Pepsi; Humana Hospital Heart Transplant
1986 – October 16, Drake University. Topics: Promotion of Austin Tex.; Miller Lite Product Publicity; Goodwill Games
1987 – October 22, Drake University. Topics: National Chiropractic Association National Campaign; Special Events/New York Marathon; Women’s Media Project
1989 – April 6, Iowa State Historical Museum. Topics: Apple Computer New Product Promotions; Union Carbide and Crisis Management; Geraldo Rivera and the Media
1990 – April 12, Iowa state Historical Museum. Topics: Business and Politics – Hill & Knowlton; Crisis Preparation – United Airlines; Marketing Public Relations – Burson-Marsteller
1991 – April 11, Iowa State Historical Museum. Topics: Green Marketing – Advertising Age; Philanthropy – US West Foundation; White House Communications Challenges; Communications Barriers – Coalition on AIDS
1992 – April 9, Mercy Education Center. Topics: Media Placements – The Indianapolis Project, Public Relations Law – Faegre & Benson; Caring Management – James Autry; Integrated Communications – CMF&Z; Getting on 60 Minutes CBS News
1993 – April 15, Mercy Education Center. Topics: Measuring Public Relations Results – Ketchum PR; Children’s Charities/Cause-Related Marketing – Ronald McDonald; Analyzing and Tracking Issues – L.C. Williams; Communication Diversity Panel Discussion – US West; Clinton Administration Review – Time magazine
1994 – April 27, Iowa State Historical Building. Theme: “The Art of Public Relations.” Topics: The Art of Public Affairs – Health Insurance Association of America; The Art of Environmental Communication – E. Bruce Harrison Company; The Art of Media Relations – The Des Moines Register
1996 – April 16, Marriott Hotel. Speakers: Daniel J. Edelman, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide; Peter Himler, Burson-Marsteller; Dominic Delpapa, CARMA International; Bernadette McCormic, Business Wire; Mike Wadum, American Lung Association of Nebraska; Pamela Adams Johnson, Iowa Public Television; Mary Ann Rood, Ocean Spray Cranberries
1997 – April 17, Hy-Vee Conference Center. Theme: “Public Relations University” 
1998 – April 22, Hy-Vee Conference Center. Theme: “Making Your Mark – Managing and Measuring The Message” 
1999 – April 22, Hy-Vee Conference Center. Theme: “Great Expectations: The Role of Public Relations in the 21st Century Organization” 
2000 – April 20, Hy-Vee Conference Center. Theme: “Bridging the Gap” 
2001- DATE UNKNOWN Theme: “Realizing the Vision”
2002- DATE UNKNOWN Theme: “The PR Balancing Act”
2003- DATE UNKNOWN Theme: “Winning a Seat at the Strategy Table”
2004 – April 1, Hy-Vee Conference Center. Theme “PR is Leading the Charge” 
2006 – April 19, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Theme: “Join the Experts” 
2007 – April 3, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: “Booster Shots”
2008 - April 8, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: “Forty Years of Forward Thinking: Keynote “The ‘Crisis’ in Crisis Communications,” Gerard Braud, Braud Communications

The chapter celebrated its 40th anniversary during this year’s Institute. During the meeting Ferne Bonomi, chapter president 1980 and 1981, gave a short presentation on chapter highlights. A special video message from Bill Murray, National PRSA’s Chief Executive Officer, was also played during the meeting, and all former chapter presidents were recognized.

2009 - April 10, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: "Actions Speak Louder Than Words” Keynote: "It's Not Web 2.0. It's Not Web 3.0. It's Simply Life." Peter Shankman, CEO, Entreprenuer,
2010 - October 29, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: "Communications 2010: A Whole 'Now' World, presented by Catchfire Media. Keynote: Todd Defren with SHIFT Communications "The Creative Destruction of PR” 
2011 – October 27, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: “Making a Connection” Keynote: “How PR Professionals Connect through LinkedIn,” Sam Mandolfo, LinkedIn

2012 – October 25, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: “PRx: Take as Prescribed for Measurable ROI” presented by Strategic America. Keynote: The Communications Revolution That’s Ours to Own,” Barbara Iverson, Weber Shandwick

2013 – November 20, UnityPoint Health Center. Theme: “Building Blocks to Leadership” Keynote: “Small details that can lead to big success,” Hall Pittman, CEO, Special Olympics of Iowa

2014 – October 23, Iowa Methodist Medical Center. Theme: OctoPRfest; Keynote: Michael Smart, Michael Smart PR

2015 – October 20, Mercy Medical Center. Theme: OctoPRfest. This year, we moved the PRIME awards presentation to the luncheon session. 

2016 – October 19, Mercy Medical Center. Theme: OctoPRfest; PRIME awards presented at lunch. Speakers:

  • Measurement: Calculating the ROI on your Communications and Linking Communication Measurements to Business Goals - Angela Sinickas, President, Sinickas Communications, Inc.;
  • Panel: Leveraging PR to Put Des Moines on the Map - Tiffany Tauscheck, Chief Communications Officer, Greater Des Moines Partnership; Mindy Toyne, Owner, In Any Event; Steve Linn, Managing Partner, Iowa Craft Beer Tent; Greg Conrad, Tournament Director, Principal Charity Classic;
  • The Next Big Thing: Driving Brand Innovation with Emerging Tech - Greg Swan, Vice President of Public Relations and Emerging Media, Space 150;
  • Becoming a Super-Connector, presented by Adam Carroll, Financial Literacy Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur;
  • When “Who Cares?” Becomes “Who Doesn’t?” - Aaron Putze, APR – Director Communications + External Relations, Iowa Soybean Association



Note: Figures in parentheses after names indicate number of years remaining in term to which directors and delegates were elected. No record has been kept of cases in which board members did not complete a given calendar year in office and were replaced on a short-term basis.
President: Walter Walsh
Vice President: Donald Dooley
Secretary-Treasurer: Jean Dyar
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Walter Walsh
Vice President: Donald Dooley
Secretary-Treasurer: Jean Dyar
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Donald Dooley
Vice President: Robert Hoover
Secretary-Treasurer: Ferne Bonomi
Directors: Gordon Strayer (1); Douglas Johnson (2); Thomas Wolff (3)
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Robert Hoover
Vice President: Robert Eide
Secretary-Treasurer: Ferne Bonomi
Directors: Douglas Johnson; Thomas Wolff; Gordon Strayer (3)
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Robert Eide
Vice President: Gordon Strayer
Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Clark
Directors: Thomas Wolff; Ruth Prescott (2); Deane Haerer (3)
Delegate: Robert Hoover (3)
President: Gordon Strayer
Vice President: Eugene Young
Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Clark
Directors: Ruth Prescott; Deane Haerer; Robert Bonomi (3)
Delegate: Robert Hoover
President: Eugene Young
Vice President: Norman Boyle
Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Clark
Directors: Deane Haerer; Richard Schallert (2); Florence Stiles (3); Walter Walsh
Delegate: Robert Hoover
President: Norman Boyle
Vice President: Deane Haerer
Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Clark
Directors: Richard Schallert; Florence Stiles; Jerry Musil (3)
Delegate: Thomas Wolff (3)
President: Deane Haerer
Vice President: Robert Clark
Secretary-Treasurer: James Stimson
Directors: Florence Stiles; Jerry Musil; Richard Schallert (3)
Delegate: Thomas Wolff
President: Thomas Wolff
Vice President: Kenneth McDougall
Secretary-Treasurer: James Stimson
Directors: Jerry Musil; Richard Schallert; Ruth Prescott (3)
Delegate: Gordon Strayer (1)
President: Douglas Johnson
Vice President: Jerry Musil
Secretary-Treasurer: Robert Clark
Directors: Richard Schallert; Ruth Prescott; Robert Watterson (3)
Delegate: Gordon Strayer (3)
President: Robert Clark
Vice President: Ferne Bonomi
Secretary: Florence Stiles
Treasurer: Robert Watterson
Directors: Ruth Prescott; Tim Colwell (2)*; F.A.D. Kelsey (3)
Delegate: Gordon Strayer
*Left – Young Succeeded
President: Ferne Bonomi
Vice President: Robert Watterson
Secretary: Wayne P. Davis
Treasurer: Joe M. Kelly
Directors: Eugene Young; F.A.D. Kelsey; Leo Armatis (3)
Delegate: Gordon Strayer
President: Ferne Bonomi
Vice President: F.A.D. Kelsey
Secretary: Wayne P. Davis
Treasurer: Ronald Froehlich
Directors: F.A.D. Kelsey; Leo Armatis (2); Judith Corcoran (3)
Delegate: Gordon Strayer
President: F.A.D. Kelsey
Vice President: Ronald Froehlich
Secretary: Carla Pieroni
Treasurer: Jim George
Directors: Leo Armatis; Judith Corcoran (2); Wayne P. Davis (2)
Delegate: Gordon Strayer
President: Ronald Froehlich
Vice President: Judith Corcoran
Secretary: Ed Mattix
Treasurer: Jim George
Directors: Ken McDougall (3); Wayne P. Davis (1); Sue Martin (2)
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Judith Corcoran
Vice President: Ed Mattix
Secretary: Sue Martin
Treasurer: Dick McNeil
Directors: Ken McDougall (2); Wayne P. Davis (1)
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Ed Mattix
Vice President: Sue Martin
Secretary: Sherry Shafer
Treasurer: Dick McNeil
Directors: Wayne P. Davis (2); Ken McDougall (1); Cheryl Marsh (3)
Delegate: Walter Walsh
President: Sue Martin
President Elect: Craig Maltby
Vice President: Jackie Saunders
Secretary: Phil Thomas
Treasurer: Ann Wilson
Directors: Sherry Shafer (1); Cheryl Marsh; Mark Barrett (3)
Delegate: Ed Mattix
President: Craig Maltby
President Elect: Ann Wilson
Vice President: Cyrene Nassif Ajluni
Secretary: Mike Adams
Treasurer: Christine Deyser
Directors: Cheryl Marsh; Mark Barrett; Jackie Saunders (3)
Delegate: Ed Mattix
President: Ann Wilson
President Elect: Michael Adams
Vice President: Chris Irvine
Secretary: B.J. Towe
Treasurer: Joe Smith
Directors: Jackie Saunders (2); Mark Barrett (1); Linda Montet (3)
Delegate: Ed Mattix
President: Michael Adams
President Elect: Linda Montet
Secretary: Jeanne Hartig
Treasurer: John McCarroll
Directors: Joe Smith (2); Tom Blackett (3); Jackie Saunders, APR (1)
Delegate: Ron Froehlich
President: Linda Montet, APR
President Elect: Jackie Saunders, APR
Secretary: John McCarroll
Treasurer: Renee Layman
Directors: Ann Larson (3); Tom Blackett (2); Joe Smith (1)
Delegate: Ron Froehlich, APR
President: Jackie Saunders, APR
President Elect: John McCarroll
Secretary: Joe Smith
Treasurer: Renee Layman
Directors: Anne Larson; Tom Blackett; Linda Eggerss
Delegate: Ron Froehlich, APR; Catherine Page, APR
President: John McCarroll, APR
President Elect: Mary O’Keefe, APR
Secretary: Connie Nordstrom
Treasurer: Mike Klosterman
Directors: Anne Larson; Linda Eggerss
Delegate: Catherine Page, APR; Rick Phillips, APR
President: Mary O’Keefe
President Elect: Robin Lenocker, APR
Secretary: Susan Flanagan Houser
Treasurer: Mike Klosterman
Directors: Jeff Huggins; Linda Eggerss; Barb Pollastrini
Delegates: Catherine Page, APR; Rick Phillips, APR
President: Robin Lenocker, APR
Interim President: Craig Maltby, APR
President Elect: Catherine Page, APR
Secretary: Mike Klosterman
Treasurer: Pattie Walden Allen
Directors: Barb Pollastrini; Joseph E. Smith, II APR; Susan Flanagan Houser
Delegates: Rick Philips, APR; Jeff Huggins, APR
President: Catherine Page Huggins, APR
President Elect: Rick Phillips, APR
Past President: Craig Maltby, APR
Secretary: Ruth Mitchell, APR
Treasurer: Rick Swalwell
Directors: Joseph E. Smith, II APR; Susan Flanagan Houser, APR; Sarah Peters
Delegates: Jeff Huggins, APR; Mary O’Keefe, APR
President: Rick Philips, APR
President Elect: Rick Swalwell
Past President: Catherine Huggins, APR
Secretary: Jennifer Halupnik
Treasurer: Ruth Mitchell
Directors: Susan Flanagan Houser, APR; Sarah Peters; Kelly Sankey, APR
Delegates: Jeff Huggins, APR; Mary O’Keefe, APR

President: Rick Swalwell
President Elect: Jeff Huggins, APR
Past President: Rick Phillips, APR
Secretary: Tina Mowry, APR
Treasurer: Christine Irvine
Treasurer Elect: Murray Williams
Program Chairperson: Dan Frahm
Directors: Sarah Peters; Kelly Sankey, APR; Mara Van Dyke
Delegates: Mary O’Keefe, APR; Nancy Doll, APR
President: Jeff Huggins, APR
President Elect: Ruth Mitchell, APR
Past President: Rick Swalwell
Secretary: Sarah Peters
Treasurer: Murray Williams
Treasurer Elect: Felicia Johnson
Program Chairperson: John Dutcher
Directors: Kelly Sankey, APR; Mara Van Dyke; Margaret Gowan Mester
Delegates: Nancy Doll, APR; Tina Jacobson, APR; Todd Behrends, APR
President: Ruth Mitchell, APR
President Elect: Kelly Sankey, APR
Past President: Jeff Huggins
Secretary: Teresa Albertson
Treasurer: Felicia Johnson
Treasurer Elect: Allan Urlis
Program Chairperson: Kevin Waetke, APR
Directors: Mara Bernson; Margaret Gowan Mester; Todd Behrends, APR
Delegates: Joseph E. Smith II, APR; Tina Jacobson, APR; Susan Houser, APR

President: Kelly Sankey, APR
President Elect: Sarah Buckley, APR
Past President: Ruth Mitchell, APR
Secretary: Brenda Wiarda, APR
Treasurer: Allan Urlis
Treasurer Elect: Mike Palmer, APR
Program Chairperson: Felicia Johnson
Directors: Daryl Lewis; Chuck Seel, APR; Todd Behrends, APR
Delegates: Kevin Waetke, APR; Tina Jacobson, APR; Susan Houser, APR
President: Sarah Buckley, APR
President Elect: Chuck Seel, APR
Past President: Kelly Sankey, APR
Secretary: Krissi Diers
Treasurer: Mike Palmer, APR
Treasurer Elect: Ryan Hanser
Program Chairperson: Jane Keairns
Director: Emily Abbas; Todd Behrends, APR; Daryl Lewis          
Delegates: Susan Houser, APR; Robert Schweers, APR; Kevin Waetke, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: John McCarroll, APR

President: Mike Palmer, APR
President Elect: Robert Schweers, APR
Past President: Sarah Buckley, APR
Secretary: Amy Kearns
Treasurer: Ryan Hanser
Treasurer Elect: Tim Hackbart
Program Chairperson: Aaron Putze, APR
Directors: Daryl Lewis; Emily Abbas; Jill Spickerman-Carrothers, APR  
Delegates: Kevin Waetke, APR; Kelley Sankey, APR; Erin Downs, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Murray Williams
Accreditation Chairperson: John McCarroll, APR
President: Rob Schweers, APR
President Elect: Emily Abbas, APR
Past President: Mike Palmer, APR
Secretary: Antoinette Bernich
Treasurer: Tim Hackbart
Treasurer Elect: Darin Leach
Program Chairperson: Sarah Rasmussen
Program Chair Elect: Paul Kluding
Directors: Kim Sporrer; Jill Spiekerman-Carrothers, APR
Delegates: Kelly Sankey, APR; Erin Downs, APR; Lucinda Stephenson, APR (alternate)
Accreditation Chairperson: John McCarroll, APR
President: Emily Abbas, APR
President Elect: Jane Keairns, APR
Past President: Robert Schweers, APR
Secretary: Kevin Stittsworth
Treasurer: Darin Leach
Treasurer Elect: Mike Klosterman
Program Chairperson: Paul Kluding
Program Chair Elect: Courtney Chabot Dreyer, APR
Directors: Laura Vanden Bosch; Kim Sporrer                     
Delegates: Lucinda Stephenson, APR; Aaron Putze, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Kelly Sankey, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: Erin Downs, APR
President: Jane Keairns, APR
President Elect: Courtney Chabot Dreyer, APR
Past President: Emily Abbas, APR
Secretary: Rachel Hampton
Treasurer: Mike Klosterman
Treasurer Elect: Andrea Henry
Program Chairperson: Antoinette Bernich
Program Chair Elect: Rhonda Clark-Leyda
Directors: Kelly Sankey, APR; Kristen Sunde, APR
Delegates: Mike Palmer, APR; Lucinda Stephenson, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Kevin Waetke, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: Leigh McGivern, APR
President: Courtney Chabot Dreyer, APR
President Elect: Antoinette Bernich
Past President: Jane Keairns, APR
Secretary: Emily Oliver
Treasurer: Andrea Henry
Treasurer Elect: Amy Bentz
Program Chairperson: Rhonda Clark-Leyda
Program Chair Elect: Darin Leach, APR
Directors: Kristen Sunde, APR; Cami Brazelton
Delegates: Erin Downs, APR; Sarah Rasmussen, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: John Dutcher, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: Kelly Sankey, APR
President: Antoinette Bernich
President-Elect: Darin Leach, APR
Past President: Courtney Chabot Dreyer, APR
Secretary: Julie Kenney
Treasurer: Amy Bentz
Treasurer-Elect: Adam Lackey
Program Chairperson: Darin Leach, APR
Program Chair-Elect: Emily Oliver
Directors: Cami Brazelton; Rhonda Clark-Leyda
Delegates: Dave Remund, APR;Kelly Sankey, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Kristin Sunde, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: Jen Perry, APR
President: Darin Leach, APR
President Elect: Rhonda Clark-Leyda
Past President: Antoinette Bernich
Secretary: Amber Siever
Treasurer: Adam Lackey
Treasurer Elect: Jarad Bernstein
Program Chairperson: Jeanine Mixdorf, APR
Program Chair Elect: Lisa Crandall
Membership: Emily Oliver       
Delegates:   Kelly Sanke, APR; Leigh McGivern, APR      
Public Relations Chairperson: Andrea James
Accreditation Chairperson: Jennifer Perry, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect: Jennifer Porter, APR
President: Darin Leach, APR
President Elect: Jeanine Mixdorf, APR
Past President: Kelly Sankey, APR
Secretary: Sara Wille
Treasurer: Jarad Bernstein
Treasurer Elect: Alexson Calahan
Program Chairperson: Lisa Crandall
Program Chair Elect: Dawn Buzynski
Membership: Andrea James
Delegates: Erin Downs, APR; Leigh McGivern, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Daryl Andrews, APR
Accreditation Chairperson:  Ronda Menke, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect:  Chris Jensen, APR

President: Jeanine Mixdorf, APR
President Elect: Emily Caropreso
Past President: Darin Leach, APR
Secretary: Adam Lackey
Treasurer: Jarad Bernstein
Treasurer Elect: Laura Sinnwell
Program Chairperson: Dawn Buzynski 
Program Chair Elect: Andrea James
Membership: Erica Turner
Delegates: Jeff Huggins, APR; Leigh McGivern, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Kelly Sankey, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: Ronda Menke, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect: Chris Jensen, APR

President: Emily Caropreso
President Elect: Dawn Buzynski, APR
Past President: Jeanine Mixdorf, APR  
Secretary: Lori Albrecht
Treasurer: Laura Sinnwell 
Treasurer Elect: Amanda Byers, APR
Program Chairperson: Melany Stonewall 
Program Chair Elect: Dick Tremain, APR
Membership: Adam Lackey
Delegates: Jeff Huggins, APR; Kelly Sankey, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Leigh McGivern, APR
Accreditation Chairperson: Chris Jensen, APR  
Accreditation Chairperson Elect: Jane Kearins, APR

President: Dawn Buzynski, APR
President Elect: Christine Jensen, APR
Past President: Emily Caropreso    
Secretary: Danielle Gibbons
Treasurer: Amanda Byers, APR
Treasurer Elect: Kim Pfannebecker
Program Chairperson: Laura Sinnwell 
Program Chair Elect: Erica Turner, APR
Membership: Lori Vodraska
Delegates: Jeff Huggins, APR; Kelly Sankey, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Leigh McGivern, APR
Accreditation Chairperson:  Jane Kearins, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect:  Darin Leach, APR

President: Christine Jensen, APR
President Elect: Lori Vodraska
Past President: Dawn Buzynski, APR     
Secretary: Kristin Sunde, APR
Treasurer: Kim Pfannebecker
Treasurer Elect: Kelley Crosbie
Program Chairperson: Erica Turner, APR 
Program Chair Elect: Jillian Sievel
Membership: Danielle Gibbons
Delegates: Jeanine Mixdorf; Kelly Sankey, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Leigh McGivern, APR
Accreditation Chairperson:  Darin Leach, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect:  Kelly Bruhn, APR

President: Lori Vodraska
President Elect: Kristin Sunde, APR
Past President: Christine Jensen, APR    
Secretary: Ann Thelen
Treasurer: Kelley Crosbie
Treasurer Elect: Danielle West
Program Chairperson: Jillian Sievel 
Program Chair Elect: Dick Tremain, APR
Membership: Patricia Howard
Delegates: Jeanine Mixdorf; Shawne Ungs, APR

President: Kristin Sunde, APR
President Elect: Ann Thelen
Past President: Lori Vodraska  
Secretary: Courtney Shaw, APR
Treasurer: Danielle West
Treasurer Elect: Abby Delaney
Program Chairperson: Dick Tremain, APR
Program Chair Elect: Laura Sprague, APR
Membership: Patricia Howard, APR
Delegates: Jeanine Mixdorf, APR; Shawne Ungs, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Teresa Roof, APR
Accreditation Chairperson:  Darin Leach, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect: Jane Keairns, APR
Social Media: Taylor Rookaird 

President: Ann Thelen
President Elect: Kelly Bruhn, APR
Past President: Kristin Sunde, APR
Secretary: Abby Bottenfield
Treasurer: Abby Delaney
Treasurer Elect: Laura Plumb
Program Chairperson: Laura Sprague, APR
Program Chair Elect: Ryan Johnson
Membership: Darin Leach, APR
Delegate: Shawne Ungs, APR;
Delegate / Ethics: Teresa Roof, APR
Public Relations Chairperson: Courtney Shaw
Accreditation Chairperson:  Jane Keairns, APR
Accreditation Chairperson Elect:  Pat Howard, APR
Social Media: Alison Monaghan

Past President: Ann Thelen
President: Kelly Bruhn, Ph. D., APR
President-Elect: Teresa Roof, APR
Treasurer: Laura Plumb
Treasurer-Elect: Lindsay Moeller
Program Chair: Ryan Johnson, APR
Program Chair-Elect: Katelin Brown
Secretary: Abby Bottenfield
Membership: Darin Leach, APR
Accreditation Chair: Pat Howard, APR
Accreditation Chair-Elect: Dawn Buzynski, APR
Delegate: Aaron Putze, APR
Delegate/Ethics: Kathy Krafka Harkema, APR
Public Relations: Abby Delaney

Past President: Kelly Bruhn, Ph. D., APR
President: Teresa Roof, APR
President-Elect: Ryan Johnson, APR 
Treasurer: Allison Grettenberg
Program Chair: Katelin Brown
Program Chair-Elect: Laura Plumb 
Secretary: Abby Delaney
Membership: Abby Bottenfield, APR
Accreditation Chair: Dawn Buzynski, APR
Accreditation Chair-Elect: Christina Gayman, APR
Delegate: Aaron Putze, APR
Delegate/Ethics: Kathy Krafka Harkema, APR
Public Relations: Pat Howard, APR


 Updated July 2019