PRSA Iowa Chapter PRIME Awards

The annual PRSA Iowa Chapter PRIME Awards provide a valuable opportunity to showcase and recognize the work of Iowa public relations, marketing and communications professionals. When you take the time to complete and submit an award entry, the pride you have in your work and your commitment to advancing the visibility of your profession is sure to be noticed by your organizational leaders, public relations/communications colleagues and the community.

Our 2020 awards season has concluded. Please check back for information on the 2021 awards in spring 2021.



The PRIME Awards are open to individuals or organizations responsible for producing work in any of the campaign or tactic categories in Iowa between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. Professionals in Iowa who have produced work in other states during the same timeframe are also eligible to submit an award entry or entries. Entries should be submitted by the company representative or agency that contributed directly to the end product.

A campaign entry is eligible if the majority of tactics were completed or if the campaign concluded during the eligibility timeframe, even if the campaign started or if some tactics were implemented prior to the start of the eligibility timeframe.

Individual tactics of an overall campaign may be split up and entered into tactic categories, as well as the overall campaign category.

Materials entered in previous PRIME Award competitions are not eligible.

All entries must include the following components:

  • Completed entry form
  • Award Entry Document (two pages or less)
  • Supporting materials
  • Up to three JPG or PNG images representing the entry for online display
  • Summary statement (300 characters or less)
  • Entry Payment
  • Any entry not meeting all of the above requirements will be disqualified.


Award Entry Categories

Individual Awards of Excellence Categories

  • Outstanding Student Member: Given to a student or recent graduate in an Iowa PRSSA chapter who demonstrates academic excellence in public relations, devotes time to mentoring or developing other students and is involved in extracurricular activities and events including the advancement of PRSSA and PRSA.
  • Outstanding New Member: Presented to a PRSA Iowa Chapter member with three or fewer years of membership who has enthusiastically contributed to chapter activities, demonstrating an eagerness and willingness to get involved with chapter activities, as a way to improve professional skills and increase knowledge of the profession.
  • Outstanding Chapter Member: Given to the PRSA Iowa Chapter member whose distinctive contributions to the chapter have had a positive impact on the chapter’s success and value to members, and whose involvement has provided insight and leadership to other members.
  • Outstanding Public Relations Professional: Presented to a PRSA Iowa Chapter member who represents the best of public relations, and whose public relations or community service activities have had a significant impact on the local, regional or national community.
  • Outstanding Iowa Advocate: Given to a non-member individual, group or organization that has contributed to the enhancement of the state’s regional, national or international reputation. The candidate must have demonstrated a personal commitment — above and beyond a professional obligation to a client or employer — to the betterment of the state of Iowa and its residents. The commitment may involve service to one or many groups and may also include financial support to organizations that provide for the enhancement of the state and its reputation. The nomination should include specific mention of the candidate’s activities, messages, audiences and results.


Campaign Categories

  • Community Champion: Pro bono program that fosters relationships with key community audiences of an organization, product or service. Entry can include a one-time campaign or a long-term commitment by an organization.
  • Crisis/Issues Management: Designed to demonstrate emergency preparedness or timely response to an issue. Include plan for dealing with unforeseen crises that could negatively affect an organization’s effectiveness and an example of this plan in action. May involve internal and/or external audiences.
  • Event/Observance: Communication program surrounding a special event. Event may be a commemoration, observance, opening, celebration or other special activity.
  • Integrated Communications: A program that exemplifies creative and effective integration of traditional public relations tactics with at least one other marketing communication tool, such as advertising, direct marketing, sale promotion or design.
  • Internal Communications: Program or campaign targeted primarily to employees, organization members, boards/directors and other internal audiences to achieve a goal.
  • Marketing – Business to Business: Program or campaign specifically designed to sell a product or service directly to another business.
  • Marketing – Consumer Products: A program or campaign that introduces new products or services or promotes existing products or services to a specific audience.
  • Media Relations: Program instituted via the media to build and foster relationships with key community audiences of an organization, product or service. Entries can include a one-time campaign or an ongoing program (includes media tours and press conferences targeting any type of editorial medium).
  • Reputation/Brand Management: A campaign or program designed primarily to promote, maintain or establish a reputation of an organization or person (i.e. political campaign) with its publics or key audiences.
  • Student Campaign: Work done by a current undergraduate or graduate student.


Tactic Categories

  • Advertorial: Paid article in newspaper, magazine, website or other publication that is meant to educate prospective consumers about the features of a product.
  • Annual Report: Publication reporting on an organization’s annual performance.
  • Blog: Web-based blog communicating to a specific audience.
  • Brochure: Small booklet, pamphlet or handout designed to inform or create action around a specific product, service or event.
  • Direct Mail: Letter, postcard or other unsolicited mailers. Can be either business to business or direct to consumer.
  • Feature Writing: Writing designed to inform or entertain about an organization, product or service.
  • Magazine: Regularly occurring publication with 10 or more pages (excluding front and back cover) that focuses on a particular company or not-for-profit organization’s area of expertise. All writing must be done by the company/individual submitting the piece.
  • Media Relations: Use of media relations including media tours, press conferences, editorial board meetings or other tactics as part of a public relations program. Include copies of results – news clippings, photos, etc. – to support your results.
  • Multimedia: Includes video, audio and other audiovisual tactics designed to educate or inform a target audience.
  • Newsletter: Content written and designed (including electronic) to communicate company facts, direction or news. May be a single piece or an ongoing series. If entering a series, include at least three issues. Target audience may be internal or external stakeholders.
  • Public Service Announcement: Any work or form of media created to raise awareness of or change public attitudes and behavior about a specific subject.
  • Social Media: Use of social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, blogs or other social media networks as part of a public relations program. Include screen shots, copies of key pages and/or blog entries to support your summary.
  • Student: Work done by a current undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Technical Writing: Document or editorial written to define and/or explain a technical product or service to a target audience.
  • Website: Website designed as part of a communication program or business platform. Copy entered in this category must be written by the entrant. Design may be subcontracted. Include the URL, screen shots and provide any necessary passwords to access the site.


Deadline and Entry Fees TBD

Early deadline: TBD

  • $45 for entries submitted by PRSA Iowa Chapter members
  • $50 for entries submitted by non-members
  • $15 for entries submitted by or on behalf of students
  • $0 for entries submitted for Individual Awards of Excellence


Final deadline: TBD

  • $55 for entries submitted by PRSA Iowa Chapter members
  • $60 for entries submitted by non-members
  • $25 for entries submitted by or on behalf of students
  • $0 for entries submitted for Individual Awards of Excellence
  • Additional deadline extensions will be not be granted under any circumstances.
  • Payment is preferred via PayPal during the time of online entry submission. Checks payable to PRSA Iowa Chapter will also be accepted, but must be received by the final deadline.


Mail checks to PRSA Iowa Chapter President

Entry Submission

When submitting an award entry, be sure to fill out the online entry form and attach full entry submission document all supporting materials. Please label all of the materials starting with the category letter and number, followed by the organization name and entry title.

After submitting your award entry, you will receive an email from a member of the Awards Committee to confirm your materials were successfully received. Every effort will be made to respond to award entry submissions within 48 hours.

Winner Notification

Once award judging is complete, the contact listed on the award entry form will be notified via email as to whether or not the award entry or entries submitted will receive an award.

Awards Ceremony

More information will be forthcoming.


Please email questions regarding the PRIME Awards to [email protected]


You will be required to provide payment through credit card or check option before moving on to editing your entry. Please select all the entries you would like to apply for during registration.