Central Iowa PRSA PRIME Awards presented by

The annual PRSA PRIME Awards provide a valuable opportunity to showcase and recognize the work of Iowa public relations, marketing and communications professionals. When you take the time to complete and submit an award entry, the pride you have in your work and your commitment to advancing the visibility of your profession is sure to be noticed by your organizational leaders, public relations/communications colleagues and the community.

The deadline to submit entries for the 2018 PRIME Awards has now passed. Award winners will be announced during the 2018 OctoPRfest event on Thursday, Oct. 18.

For more information on this event, or to register to attend OctoPRfest, click here.


Please email questions regarding the PRIME Awards to: prsaciowaawards@gmail.com.

Note: all entries become the property of Central Iowa PRSA. Entries are not confidential. Central Iowa PRSA reserves the right to use entries or a reproduction of entries in part or in full at the PRIME Awards ceremony. Materials provided may be posted on the Central Iowa PRSA website and/or to provide a resource of successful programs for educational purposes.