Member profile: Jolene Bopp

Member profile: Jolene Bopp

Where does she work? 

The American Heart Association (AHA). 

Glimpse into her background: 

In 2008, Jolene attended school in Austin, Texas, to major in psychology. What she didn't know, was that she would end up deciding to join the Marine Corps. During her time in the Marine Corps, Jolene's recuriter suggested pursuing education in public affiars. Jolene was trained on crisis management, photojournalism, and graphic design during her time with the Marine's. She knew instantly that she wanted to continue learning and becoming educated in public relations. Although earning her degree in public relations took longer than expected (moving three times and transfering to three different schools), Jolene earned her degree in 2017 from Tulane University. Fresh out of college, she found a job with a small nonprofit in New Orleans where she was the "jack of all trades" and helped with graphic design, advertisment, program coordniation and communications. 

Then, before she knew it, she and her husband were retiring their time with the Marine Corps and moving to Des Moines, Iowa. When she moved here in August, she was seeking career opportunities within the area. To jumpstart her search, she started connecting with members within PRSA Central Iowa. "Everyone I met was incredibly supportive," Bopp said. "By attending all luncheons, networking sessions and becoming a member, I have built lasting relationships."

What's your go-to morning routine?

My morning routine consists of the elixir of the! I usually stop at my favorite coffee shop The Coffeesmith in Waukee. Once I get to the office, I write out all the tasks that I need to get done for that day or week. I've learned if someone sends me something for social media, it's easy to just schedule right away instead of waiting around and getting back to it. Also, I spend mornings catching up with my coworkers by checking in on projects or tasks 

What initially sparked your interest in public relations?

I was hooked on the diveristy of the profession. There are so many different elements keeping public relations moving and evolving. While I was in the Marines, may favorite part was covering "feel good" stories and building media and community relationships. Not to mention, I found a love in crisis communication as well which meant all the relationships I established with the media put me at an advantage during these situations. 

What is one of your favorite industry trends and why?

I am all on board for leveraging influencers into your social media campaigns to raise awareness. We are currently using social media influencers to raise awareness for our new American Heart Association mission. 

Who within our industry are you inspired by? And why?

I am inspired by the entire American Heart Association (AHA) communication team. And, shout out to Midwest Affiliate. It's a great group of professionals who are willing to help our teams with innovative ideas and new trends. I believe collaboriation is of the utmost importance and it shows willingness to support each other so we can all develop, grow and succeed. 

What do you believe is your greatest strength within the industry?

My biggest strength is empathy. It allows me to build genuine relationships with media and our life source, our volunteers. 

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