Making the most of spring and APR Month

The snow has melted and baseball has started. It can only mean one thing: Spring is here! Bring on the season of renewal, new growth and transition into summer.

I invite you to become involved in PRSA Central Iowa Chapter!

Our board is always looking for committee members to help with sponsorships, professional development, developing a non-profit plan, awards and OctoPRfest. If you’re a new member, this is a great way to meet other public relations professionals. These are also perfect opportunities for longtime members who would like to re-engage with the chapter. We value your expertise and welcome your input. It’s never too late to volunteer! If you are interested, contact me at

Celebrating Accreditation in Public Relations Month

When it comes to APRs, our chapter is one the highest ranked nationally. And, I can speak from experience — it’s because of the leadership within our chapter who helps candidates prepare.

At the start of each calendar year, the accreditation chair and accreditation chair-elect, put together an APR prep course. While this course may seem daunting to most, only you can determine if it’s worth your time.  

I strongly believe receiving my APR and being involved within the chapter has led me to gain mentors, mentor others and grow in my career — all things I don’t take for granted.

I hope with the change of seasons, it sparks inspiration for you to consider becoming more involved or re-engaged with the chapter, or even taking on a challenge such as earning your APR.

Submitted by Teresa Roof, APR, President

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