What's your focus for professional growth in 2019?

The new year often marks new resolutions. What are you hoping to accomplish in your career this year? Have you set goals? And, how do you plan to achieve them? Are you a resolution maker or a commitment breaker?

PRSA makes it easy to set and achieve your professional development goals. Check out the information and events available through our local PRSA chapter featured on this website. And, check out the myriad of resources available to you as a member at prsa.org.

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to plan for those personal and professional goals you’d like to achieve…and how you’ll do it.

Dare to take on new challenges this year. Learn a new skill. Consider a new career option. Volunteer your time to serve others. Enter PRSA awards programs to see how your work compares with that of other PR pros. When you do, you’ll get objective feedback on what you’re doing well and ideas for continuous improvement. Give back to the profession by sharing your expertise with others wanting to get into PR by serving as their mentor.

Whether it’s picking up new skills, or polishing up existing ones, PRSA resources and opportunities abound.

Tips for setting resolutions you’re more likely to keep

Author Jon Gordon says 87 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions will fail in carrying them out. He claims 50 percent will fail to execute on their resolutions by the end of January.

Why do so many fail when it comes to setting and keeping resolutions? Some set goals that are too broad, too generic, or which they’re not passionate about.

How can you increase the odds that you will carry through on your personal or professional resolutions? Keep it simple. Gordon recommends choosing one word to narrow your resolution focus.

At a loss for how or where to get started? Consider these words related to aspects of PRSA ethics. Focus on any of them and strengthen your own expertise personal brand reputation in the process.

  • Advocacy
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Professional development
  • Objectivity


Which of these areas comes easiest to you? And which could use some work? These topics may be great places to start when it comes to advancing your career growth in 2019.

In his Twitter feed, Jon Gordon @JonGordon11 says, “…be faithful with what you have and where you are today. Don’t worry about your greatness in the future. Just be great today. Don’t chase success. Decide to get better every day, do great work, and success will find you.”

Now’s the time to get started by focusing on that one word you want to aim for improvement in during 2019. Using the tools, resources and networking power of your PRSA membership will help you get started. When you focus, and put your goals and plans in writing, it’s that’s much easier to achieve success — and prepare for PRSA award entries later this year. Here’s to you and your continued growth and success in 2019.

Kathy Krafka-Harkema, APR, Ethics Chair

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