5 tips for hiring a summer intern

Throughout the year, we experience the ebbs and flows of the business — sometimes are busier than others, but it’s always great to have extra help on hand.

Cue hiring an intern.

Not only is it great to take some of the tactical, day-to-day tasks off your hand, you’re helping an eager and motivated student who is looking to gain experience and mentorship in the industry. It’s truly a win-win situation.

The opportunity for a student to gain professional, real-world experience is always going to be a great resume booster and an obvious way to bulk up a portfolio. But, you want your intern to be fulfilled and productive in the position — even if it’s not what they expected it to be.

Consider these five tips when hiring your next intern.

  1. Be clear about the job description. Don’t leave out any details — even the smallest of tasks like helping track data and if the position is paid or unpaid.
  2. Give feedback — and lots of it. Of course, feedback should come in a way that is constructive so you provide a chance for the intern to learn. Talk them through your changes and help them understand why something was changed.
  3. Consider the candidate who may not have the best grades or experience. Hear us out. Good grades and prior internship experience is great, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the person or what they’ve accomplished. Hire someone who is curious, enthusiastic, and willing to be coachable.
  4. Give real projects. The only way your intern is going to learn and gain the experience they need is through real-time projects. Give them something to talk about and show their work ethic, and creativity not only to the company, but to future employers.
  5. Be prepared to take them to every meeting. Catch them up to speed on current projects and invite them to meetings so they can meet other employees and see how interactions work in that setting.

Do you have any tips that have worked when hiring an intern on your team? Join the conversation and comment below!

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