5 tips to get a grip: hectic college schedules

Are you a student who is actively involved in an extracurricular (or two, or three) on campus, with a busy class schedule and an internship or job to manage as well?

If you answered yes, you know a bit about sacrifice.

And by sacrifice we mean, you’ve either chosen to give up your 6-8 hours of sleep so you can maintain a social life, the Dean’s or President’s List, and managed to commit time and dedication to your internship or part-time job.

Here are 5 ways you can maintain balance in your hectic schedule:

  1. Keep an updated schedule. Open up the planner and phone calendar—it’s time to jot down your schedule. But, what should you add besides your class schedule?
    1. Due dates and extracurricular activities.
    2. Block time for homework, laundry and cleaning your apartment, room or desk.
    3. Block time for you (e.g. meditation, massage, journaling, or the gym).
    4. Social time for calling your parents, distant relatives or friends or grabbing a coffee with your roommates.
  2. Remember those syllabuses your professors gave at the beginning of the year? Keep them close because papers, projects and tests may sneak up on you.
  3. Work ahead. Everyone can lean on procrastination — especially on work that is challenging or intimidating. Getting ahead on your assigned reading, papers and other assignments will help reduce procrastination-based stress and allow for more time in the future for social activities and relaxation.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep. There are so many great benefits to consistently getting a good night’s rest. Some benefits include: reduced stress, mental clarity (and fewer mistakes), and improved mood.
  5. Make time for yourself. The final and most important tip. You must remember you can’t overwork yourself and that it’s important to find balance. Which starts with taking care of you—whether it’s watching a few Netflix shows, catching up on your leisurely reading, or having a day with friends—make time for it.

Yes, you will be busy—but it will be more than worth it in the end. It’s time to take a step back and evaluate your priorities, goals and where you want to go moving forward. This will help you decide what you might have to sacrifice in order to accommodate everything else.

If only there were more hours in the day.

Join the conversation! Are you a college student with commitments up to your eyeballs? Share your best practices with your fellow peers about what works best for you by commenting below.



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