Member spotlight: Jenny Phan

When was the last time you read a really good story? Whether it was brand story or piece of long-form journalism on a cozy Sunday morning—we often find our minds being transported to a different place. 
With the attention span of most being only eight seconds, when you encapsulate your reader—that’s the effect of good storytelling.
Instead of only discussing the information, Jenny Phan, Corporate Communications at Shive-Hattery, strives to communicate with the client’s audience by painting a picture rather than discussing the information.
Phan spoke with Ashley Dalsing, co-chair of the Central Iowa PRSA newsletter, about her love for the communication and public relations industry. 
Jenny, how long have you been with Shive-Hattery?
I joined the Corporate Marketing team at Shive-Hattery 10-years ago this April.
What do your daily tasks or key projects look like?
My daily tasks focuses on being our company storyteller. I develop, manage and implement strategies to create awareness and enhance our brand across internal and external audiences. By leveraging the right mix of traditional and digital media, I can effectively tell the stories of our client’s projects and their people. This involves developing and curating stories and images to promote and increase awareness of the great clients we work for and the people I work with.
Wow, very impressive! Have you always known you’ve wanted to be in communications?
I’m a lifelong learner who enjoys being around others and sharing my learnings with them—communication and public relations was a natural direction for me.
Let’s back up, tell me about your career path from where you graduated to now.
In college, I majored in marketing and obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration degree. When I graduated college, times were tough due to the recession—making for a competitive environment to get in the marketing and communication industry. Therefore, for a brief period of time out of college I started my career in the insurance industry in a non-communication role.
After my time in the insurance industry, I made my break into the non-profit industry as a communication coordinator working at Four Oaks — an organization that serves children and families.
And now, the next and current chapter of my career is serving on the Corporate Marketing team at Shive-Hattery.
Being in the professional world for over 10-years, have you received your APR yet?
I recently received my Accreditation in Public Relations or APR! Going through the process involved a rigorous amount of detail, planning and strategic thinking. Earning this accreditation strengthened my strategic planning abilities and has been a valued asset for my career and the organization I work for.
Sounds like you’ve accomplished a great deal and are only going to continue moving forward! What would you like readers to know about you?
Outside of work, I enjoy being a part of my community through the Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance Leadership for the Five Seasons program. As a recent graduate of the program, I’ve been given opportunities to give back and volunteer.
My friends and family are also a big part of my life—much of my time is devoted to nurturing those relationships. But, to recharge—there’s nothing better than curling up to a good book.
Additionally, I enjoy being a member of Central Iowa PRSA because it allows me to connect with like-minded professionals in this industry. The term #IowaNice is a real thing!
For all of our young professionals and students reading this, what is a piece of advice as they embark on their journey moving forward?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions or try something new. At each turn is an opportunity for you to grow and learn. Find mentors and advocates both in and out of your organization—this will be critical as you grow within your career!
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