Enjoy your time off. Nine benefits to unplugging during vacation.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever scheduled time off for either yourself, events, or even a vacation and still checked your email and the status of projects.

According to Glassdoor.com, nearly 66 percent of you raised your hand. And, it’s understandable when most of us work anywhere between 40-60 hours per week. It can be hard to unplug and step away from work that we thrive on and are passionate about.  

Even though you may be curious about the meeting invite for a new project that came through, or your boss sent a few emails back-to-back — it’s best for you (and everyone else!)  to unplug and enjoy your time off.

Here are 9 ways unplugging on your time off is beneficial:

  1. Reduces unnecessary stress.
  2. Improves concentration and creativity.
  3. Increases your mental clarity.
  4. Significantly improves your health.
  5. Helps with healthy, restful sleep.
  6. Fosters a healthy work/life balance.
  7. Improved posture.
  8. Better overall attitude.
  9. More motivation and inspiration.

So, whether you are taking a day, week or two-weeks off alone, with family or friends — it’s important for you to fully disconnect from work and enjoy the moments that await because you don’t know the next time you’ll be able to experience them again.

Jump in on the conversation! How have you successfully unplugged on your time off? Share in the comments below.



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