Six questions to get to know Jessica Rolwes

Jessica Rolwes graduated from Simpson College with a major in corporate communications and a minor in marketing. After gaining experience within the Des Moines metro area, Rolwes and her husband decided to relocate to Dubuque in 2011 where she now currently serves as a marketing manager for Platinum Supplemental Insurance.

Even with Rolwes a few hours away in Dubuque — she still finds the value in being a PRSA Central Iowa member.

“I appreciate that Central Iowa PRSA is open to outreach opportunities for members throughout the state. As one of the new eastern Iowa representatives on the board this year, I’m looking forward to coordinating a few events for eastern Iowa and meeting other professionals and members in my neck of the woods.”

Six questions with PRSA Central Iowa Member, Jessica Rolwes

Do you have a specific morning routine or ritual (before or when you get to work) that sets your tone for the day?

I have a low-key 25-minute drive to work, which I love, because it’s a great time for me to get focused or listen to news or an audiobook. Once I’m at work, before I start anything, I spend a few minutes jotting down the clutter that fills my mind — a little like journaling. It might be goals for the day, ideas or challenges I’m processing through. Putting them to paper helps clear my mind, so I can focus on my actual tasks.

What initially got you interested in public relations or communications?

I was undecided on a career path going into college. I initially thought I would go for optometry, but I was somewhat in denial that my natural skillset was not in the sciences. My strengths were always writing, storytelling and presenting. It took an advisor in college to help me identify that I could package that together in a career in communications.

What is one of your new, favorite industry trends within public relations or communications that you are currently centering your strategies or tactics around?

Platinum has an entirely external sales force, and they rarely come to a physical office. There’s a challenge there to create a consistent culture and experience. We’ve been leaning a lot more frequently on in-house video, and we have played a little bit with live video, to create a feeling of continuity. We don’t have a very big communications team, but it’s impressive what we can accomplish with the tools that are easily available now.

Who within our industry (on a national level or within the Central Iowa region) are you inspired by? Why are you inspired by them?

I admire those working within the public service sector — schools, transportation, government, safety, etc. There are so many more variables to try and manage — constituent groups, their needs and desires, resource access and maintenance, and unpredictable event possibilities.   

What do you believe is one of your strengths within this industry? If you could specialize in one thing—what would it be?

My strength is content — identifying the need, writing, and then organizing or presenting the content. That’s where most of my experience has been. One day, I hope to say that crisis communication and media relations are also confident strengths.

By Ashley Dalsing, PRSA Central Iowa newsletter chair


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