November 2018 President's Letter

Immediately upon arriving in Des Moines a decade ago, I joined our PRSA chapter filled with excitement to build my network and make my mark. Well, I got my chance this year to be your president, and it’s been an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. All of this happened because I said yes to a committee request 10 years ago. Inspired by the hit musical Hamilton, I’m here to remind you of the great things that can happen when you don’t “throw away your shot.”

One of my favorite things about our Chapter is the events, and that hasn’t changed since my first week in Iowa. It’s a time where we set aside our busy schedules and talk about bigger issues affecting our industry. It’s also a great way to meet newcomers to our group—whether they’re professionals transitioning to a new market or young professionals just building their careers. I was blessed to have a great mentor, Ronda Menke Haas, who took me under her wing and introduced me to a variety of attendees at every PRSA Central Iowa meeting. She encouraged me to meet Darin Leach, who suggested I work on the OctoPRfest/Institute planning committee. Honestly, I was hesitant. I was taking on a new job and settling into a new home hundreds of miles away from my beloved Indiana—on the ‘other side’ of the Mississippi, no less. But, I said yes. And sometimes that’s all it takes…

That one assignment led to many more opportunities. I joined the awards committee and accreditation panels, and I even served as chair-elect with Darin Leach as accreditation chair. At one of our events, Darin asked me what was next. After much thought, I mentioned that I’d like to be considered for president one day, and his continued support and advice has led me to this moment. Darin, and many like him, are so engaged and invested in the work of our Chapter that they find (or create!) opportunities for others to grow and lead. And now it’s my turn. How will you get involved? What do you want to do? Let’s work together to make it happen.

So, rise up. It’s time to take your shot.

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