Presidents Letter: February 2018

Job engagement and satisfaction declined among 1,200 PR professionals who participated in a 2017 study conducted by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations and Heyman Associates. Those results got me thinking about our work, as leaders in the PR profession, to ensure our customers, clients and teams feel engaged and satisfied. So, what do you love about your work? Are you taking time to deepen your expertise in your favorite roles? Here are a few resources to help you and your teams learn and grow this month.

Connect with Friends – Video is changing the way we approach our work. Join us for the February 21 luncheon to learn how to develop high-quality videos using your phone. Network with new colleagues and gather ideas for your next project.

Explore A New Resource – February is Black History Month, and the Museum of Public Relations curated some Black PR Pioneers stories, filled with inspiration.

Push Yourself – Central Iowa PRSA has one of the best APR study programs in the country. Consider pursuing your accreditation in public relations.

As an educator, I am privileged to work with amazing young professionals as they discover new strengths and interests. But, their academic schedules force them to explore new topics every four months. So, I am officially assigning you some homework. I challenge you to try something new in the next few months, hoping that even small changes will connect you with a more meaningful career. Feel free to share updates as you complete your assignment. We’re here to help!

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