Q2 Sponsor Spotlight: Red Noise 6

Red Noise 6 is PRSA of Central Iowa's Q2 sponsor

Red Noise 6 is a media production company that's all about bringing to life your brand, your message, your personality. They provide a variety of production services for projects at all budget levels. Red Noise 6 is your partner to execute your creative vision by assisting with project management, video production, post-production, animation, distribution, webcasting and more. Whatever your concept, Red Noise 6 can bring your dream into digital reality.

In addition to Red Noise 6’s sponsorship this quarter, they'll manage our live stream of the May luncheon with Terry Rich so that registrants in eastern Iowa will be able to watch and participate in the discussion. (Click here for more information.)

“I choose to work for Red Noise 6 because we are versatile and flexible when it comes executing my clients or my own creative projects,” said Andy Erickson, head of business development for Red Noise 6.

We’re excited to have Red Noise 6 as a sponsor of our chapter and to have them as a member of our central Iowa PR community!

In 2019, PRSA of Central Iowa launched a quarterly sponsorship program, offering the opportunity for one company or organization to sponsor all programming within a quarter. If you’re interested in learning more about PRSA of Central Iowa’s quarterly sponsorship program, contact Mari Moroz at [email protected].


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