3 tips for prioritizing your 2018 goals

Contributed by PRSA Central Iowa newsletter chair, Ashley Dalsing.

As the end of 2018 approaches us, we are faced with a short (or long) list of goals we set for ourselves that we have yet to accomplish.

Maybe you were on track to lose 10 pounds but a week away traveling for work and away from your healthy meals and gym steered you back to unhealthy habits. Or, maybe you had a goal to connect with friends each weekend but life just got in the way.

Typically once we fail the first time, our minds immediately think we will fail the rest of the times we try and this is why only 9 percent of those who set goals at the beginning of the year are successful from start to finish.

As we approach the last couple of months in 2018, it’s time to bring out the goals you wrote and address the three “R’s” to prioritize what you can accomplish and what can be modified or carried over to 2019.

  1. Review. Take a look at the goals you set for yourself in January — and ask yourself if they are still relevant. Have new opportunities pop up that are meaningful to you now? Have you accomplished more or less than you’ve expected?
  2. Refresh. After you take time to review your goals set in January—you will want to refresh them. This doesn’t mean creating a whole new set of goals, but just making simple adjustments (e.g., Losing 2-4 pounds instead of 10 pounds).
  3. Recommit. Even if you don’t make a single change to your goals—this step is so important. Take time to recommit to the goals you feel are worth achieving and take a gentle approach.

Even though there are only two months left of 2018, don’t pressure yourself to accomplish everything on your list — prioritize which ones you can easily knock out and carry the others over into 2019 list of goals.

Join the conversation. What are some best practices you consider when refreshing or re-approaching your goals?

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