Make your mark and speak up.

Being a college intern can be intimidating.
What you do at an internship varies. At one internship you might be hired to do administrative work and at another, you may get to work on real-time projects based on the company’s client portfolio.
Regardless of your duties, there is always a time and a place where you can speak up. Although it may take time for some to get comfortable around your coworkers, remember your voice defines who you are, the value you bring to the company and has a huge impact on your overall experience with the internship.
By the end of your internship, you don’t want to look back on the things you could have done differently or times when you should have spoken up.
Whether you’re in a group project or at your internship, here is some advice about sharing your ideas and avoiding burning any bridges.
  1. Be confident. If you aren’t confident when you pitch a suggestion or thought, your message gets lost. People are busy—get to the point.
  2. Be respectful. Your tone has a lot to do with how your point comes across. Show respect through your tone and words—let your coworkers know you respect them.
  3. Be able to take the feedback. When you voice your thoughts or suggestions, be ready for constructive feedback. Don’t take offense—instead, embrace the feedback with open arms!
Your work experience isn’t a contest of popularity—it is a place to grow, develop and mature.
If you have a difficult time speaking up, remember you were hired at your internship for a reason. They trusted you to do the work and they value what you bring to the table.
Now the next time you feel the urge to share your two-cents, you can do so confidently!

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