Oh, the places you could go with PRSA Central Iowa Chapter

Immediately upon graduating college, I joined our PRSA chapter to continue to build upon what I gained from my PRSSA membership. However, my first job out of college was almost two hours away from Des Moines which made it difficult to attend meetings. I continued to stay engaged by participating in National PRSA webinars.

When I moved to Des Moines almost 15 years ago, I knew I wanted to become more involved. I started by earning my Accreditation in Public Relations. It was during that process that I met Darin Leach and Dr. Kelly Bruhn. They both encouraged me to get involved and I quickly learned I’d have a hard time saying no to either of them when they asked for a volunteer. And I’m glad I continued to say yes.

I started by serving as a liaison to the Drake University PRSSA Chapter. After that I had the opportunity to serve as a delegate for the chapter at the National Assembly. Then Kelly came calling again. This time it was to ask if I would like to take on a larger role within the chapter as president-elect and ultimately serving as president.

It took me a day or so to respond. I was a bit apprehensive because I marveled at all the great public relations professionals who have led our chapter over the years. Then I realized it is because of those great leaders that have been so engaged and invest in the work of our Chapter that they have found or created opportunities for others to grow and lead. And I wanted to do the same.

Our Chapter is filled with public relations professionals in all stages of our careers and diverse industries. As we approach a new year with a new board of directors, I challenge you to get involved. It can be as simple as attending an event. There will also be opportunities to serve on committees. It will be worth your while and a great investment in your professional development. What do you want to do?

Even though my term as president is quickly coming to an end, I am here to help you. Let’s work together to make it happen. So, pick up the phone or send me an email and let’s have coffee. I’d love to meet with you!

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