COVID-19 & Communications: Dawn Buzynski's Perspective

What industry do you work in? 
Marketing Agency

How have things changed for your communication style or plan over the last few months? 
We support many nonprofit clients where COVID-19 has been detrimental to their ability to serve their clients and raise money. Communications has been vital to keep the connection with their clients, member base and donor base.

We’ve done a lot more digital, focusing on owned content. Media relations is still important, but with the news cycle so hyper-focused on the pandemic, the challenge is  not just getting their attention, it’s also keeping the news relevant to the national and local storyline.

What has been the most challenging/interesting thing you’ve encountered?
Media relations continues to be very challenging because so many communicators are vying for a very small amount of print space or airtime. With so much time dedicated to current events, it’s difficult to get a slot for other important information. 

It’s been interesting to watch how influencers and celebrities have been showing more of their daily lives. We’re getting a peek behind the curtain like we’ve never had before. For example, I’m loving Some Good News with John Krasinski and his family. We’ve just seen so many people — famous or not — create content and encourage others. 

What advice do you have for communicators dealing with changing communication needs or crisis communications? 
Use your network to go outside your organization for ideas and insights. Sometimes, you can get too close to something and you might be missing some opportunities. Fresh perspective will help refresh your strategy. 

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