February PRSA webinar schedule heats up, sessions tackle ethics issues

By Kathy Krafka Harkema, APR

As outdoor temperatures plunge in February, now’s the perfect time to warm up to PRSA webinars indoors from the comfort of your computer. Taking part in PRSA webinars also helps you earn credits for maintaining your APR.

Public relations professionals often counsel clients in challenging times. And sometimes, the clients may represent the biggest part of the challenge.

In a February 11 webinar called, “Protecting Clients’ Reputations, and Yours, When They are Their Own Worst Enemy,” viewers heard how PR pros Ronele Dotson and Jo Ann LeSage Nelson dealt with challenging situations and coached sometimes self-destructive clients. They heard the candid accounts of what the long-time PR pros said went wrong, and how in retrospect, they would handle a similar situation in the future to achieve better results. Plus, they learned how to know when it may be time to walk away from a self-sabotaging client—especially if the client or the situation threatens your reputation or violates PRSA’s Code of Ethics.

The webinar is available on-demand now, free for PRSA members. Non-members can take part in the training for $200. Completing the webinar earns registrants 0.5 continuing education units (CEUs) toward your APR renewal. Find it here.

For many PRSA members, 2021 hasn’t been much fun. Some say the roller-coaster two months of this year have been packed full of twists and turns that makes their stomach turn. There is a new president with a new administration in office, which means new political appointees and new Federal government regulations and policies.

So, what’s a PR pro to do? The choice is up to you. If your role includes counseling clients about how Federal government actions or politics can impact their business, you’ll want to take in a February 23 PRSA live, interactive webinar called, “Navigating Washington: the inside scoop on what we are telling our clients about how to navigate 2021,” you’ll hear from three panelists who hurdle the ethical challenges of advocating for clients when it comes to public affairs and public policy. The panelists will share tips to help you avoid pitfalls when working with those in politics or public office, while still championing your clients’ viewpoints in an ethical way.

So, what do you say? Register for this informative, insightful webinar here and tune in on February 23 from 3-4 p.m. CT. The cost is $40 for PRSA members and $200 for non-members.

Looking for something interesting and rewarding to do? If Mother Nature buried you in snow this month, now’s the time to dig into PRSA webinars. Earn those sought-after APR CEUs and learn something new. The time to learn more is now. It’s up to you. See the full slate of PRSA webinars available to members here.

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