Get to Know: Ashley Dalsing and Taylor Rookaird

We'd like to introduce you to our talented chapter members. Read our latest Member Spotlight below. This week, meet the Chapter's 2018 Newsletter Co-Chairs, Ashley Dalsing and Taylor Rookaird.


Name: Taylor Rookaird
Title and Company: Project Manager, Lessing-Flynn
Years as a PRSA Member: 3


Some people don't believe me when I say I knew I wanted to be a "communicator" when I grew up. I was the talkative child who was always asking the question, "But why?" and turned into the loudest person in the room during my teen years. I was accepted to Drake as a declared Public Relations major, and didn't stray once before graduating.
Now, as a Project Manager at Lessing-Flynn, I have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and communications tactics for the clients I support. Between writing, traditional PR, paid media, promotional materials, and social media, finding the unique story or angle in how to communicate key messages with your audience is an enjoyable challenge. I truly believe if you don't like a good challenge, you won't enjoy working in communications.
Serving on the PRSA Central Iowa Board for the past two years has provided just that- a unique blend of challenges and opportunities to extend the reach of our chapter beyond those that know our mission. Our chapter has made big plans for 2018 and beyond, and we are excited to show you were are taking our chapter!


Name: Ashley Dalsing
Title and Company: Communication Coordinator, Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Years as a PRSA Member: First year


Growing up the opposite of Taylor (although I was always envious of people like her!) instead, I was the quiet, shy child whose main form of communicating was done by putting pen to paper. Since I can remember, I had a collection of journals which eagerly awaited atop my desk for me to write in them after school. I would write about the unfolding of my days, my hopes and dream and even short stories.
I joined PRSSA my sophomore year and I never looked back.Fast forward a couple of years and I would become the president of Simpson College’s PRSSA chapter—something I never guessed I would become.
Today I work at Wellmark BCBS as a Communication Coordinator. Through this role, I serve as a storyteller for various communication mediums, express my creativity and execute on a variety of tactics for different projects and initiatives. Entering my first year serving on the board for Central IA PRSA, I am eager to serve as a co-chair of the PRSA newsletter with Taylor.
Additionally, I look forward to creating lasting friendships with the talented professionals on this board. I can’t wait to learn from each of them and continue to develop as young professional. 
Interested in being featured? We'd love to hear your story! Reach out to Ashley Dalsing to get more details and post requirements.

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