April 2018 - sPRing cleaning!

For me, spring always brings a renewed passion for my work. I congratulate seniors for successful client presentations and celebrate as they walk across the stage to accept their diplomas. I re-engage with alumni who join us for Drake Relays events, and we share stories, memories and the latest industry trends. In addition to these celebrations, Spring also means closing out another semester, reviewing assessment data and learning outcomes, and incorporating new research and topics into next semester’s lesson plans. During one of my past “sPRing cleaning” sessions, I discovered AMEC: The International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication.

The international organization released “The PR Professional’s Definitive Guide to Measurement,” an interactive document designed to “encourage more PR professionals…to regard PR measurement as an everyday part of what they do…” and “…to demonstrate the value and importance of measurement.” The guidebook features chapters written by public relations and communication leaders from around the globe, and it covers topics such as, “Why measurement matters and how it underscores the value of what you do,” and “How to create a measurement culture in your company.” One of my favorite quotes in the Guide comes from Giles Peddy, Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa Operations and UK Managing Director, Lewis, who writes in Chapter 3, “If comms wants to sit at the top table it must be focused on measuring business outcomes…If it’s demonstrating reputational change, policy influence, shifts in brand awareness and demand generation, then the conversations are strategic and merit a place in the boardroom.”

I share this document with you assuming that your strategic initiatives are likely underway. Do you have plans in place to measure your work appropriately? Are there ways to improve? I encourage you to check out this terrific resource, and start your sPRing cleaning today!

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