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Crisis proofing your organization

August 14, 2020
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
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Crises generally create bad news. And bad news ripens badly. Crises also create victims whose irrationally energized emotional behavior can drive even the most uncomplicated problems, and experienced responders, to distraction and discouragement. Crises can disable management and confound the most well practiced response strategies.

Jim Lukaszewski is an expert’s expert in dealing with these tough, touchy, supersensitive, reputation threatening and redefining circumstances. As America’s Crisis Guru ® , Lukaszewski is known for his ability to help executives look at problems from a variety of sensible, constructive and principled perspectives. He is known for taking a business approach rather than traditional PR strategies by teaching clients to take highly focused, ethically appropriate action. In this program, he'll talk about the five crucial elements most response plans avoid, ignore, or simply lack. He'll also describe the seven crucial mistakes that turn a potentially perfect response into persistent, long-term, bad news.

His premise is that a crisis is a people-stopping, show-stopping, product-stopping, reputation redefining, trust busting event that creates victims and/or explosive visibility. The operative word being victims.

In addition to sharing his strategic approaches to dealing with these extraordinarily negative events, Lukaszewski will talk about getting management’s attention before the crisis hits. He will talk about the crucial role communications plays in protecting, defending, and rehabilitating reputation. It is possible to launch a perfect, flawless response. But if your communication amounts to stumbling, fumbling and bumbling. And you bungle the empathy and apology aspects of your response, this is how your perfect response will be described, remembered and rereported in future stories.

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